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Microchip Your Pet for $35 (orig. price is $55)

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White Oaks Veterinary Clinic: Your Source for Edmond Animal Services

Equine vet and Edmond veterinarian

Welcome to the official website for White Oaks Veterinary Clinic, your new home base for Edmond animal services. Our skilled vet team is devoted to making all your beloved animals' lives healthier and happier, whether they live out on the farm or in your pocket. We hope you'll explore this site in detail to learn all about the many ways we can serve your furry family members.

Each veterinarian at our Edmond clinic is capable of of providing your pets with the specific care they 

need. Dr. Jennifer Bianchi, Dr. Mark Bianchi, Dr. Sharla Bohi and Dr. Jason Smart all love animals as much as you do, treating your pets as if they were their own. We can refer to one vet or another as needed for specific issues such as equine care or treatment of exotic animals.

Pet wellness care

Keeping your pet well is always better than having to treat a preventable illness. We can provide regular wellness evaluations, vaccinations, dietary/nutritional counseling, and other important preventative services.

Spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering prevent pets from producing litter after litter of babies -- but these surgical procedures also remove the threat of several reproductive cancers. You'll find that your sterilized pet is less likely to act aggressively or roam into dangerous situations.


When your pet needs surgery, your Edmond veterinarian is there to help. Our vet team can perform emergency surgeries to treat injuries or internal blockages, orthopedic surgery to repair joints, internal/external tumor removal and much more.


Your missing pet is more likely to be reunited with you when he his body contains an ID-encoded microchip to match him up with you in a national pet registry. This tiny chip can be inserted via a simple injection -- and we're currently offering this service for just $35.

Dental care

Dental oral problems can strike pets just as readily as humans, but they can also be prevented or caught early through our regular checkups and cleanings. We can also treat gum disease, extract damaged teeth and treat oral cancer.

Small animal services

Our vet team is equally skilled at treating a variety of small animals, from the traditional dogs and cats to pocket pets such as mice rats, hamsters and rabbits. From radiology and tonometry to cardiology and pain management, all our patients receive top-quality care.

Equine services

Small animals aren't our only patients. We can also make farm calls to administer preventative care and treatments to horses, including such essentials as vaccinations, equine dental maintenance and hoof care.

Edmond vet treats dogs, cats, horses and pocket pets

Experience Our Edmond Animal Services!

Check out the many features on this website such as our office hours, new patient center, reviews and the wealth of insightful information on our blog. Then call us today at 405-216-4025 to arrange a visit -- and discover the true breadth and depth of our Edmond animal services!

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